Tee Shaped Hearths

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Custom Cut Slate Hearths

Precision cut to your size and shape our purpose made slate hearths are all custom made. We manufacture tee shaped hearths that are cut and finished to our customer's specification.

Choice of Slate

Our premium quality Welsh slate has a fine rubbed surface dark blue-grey in colour with a natural vein flowing through the surface.

Our Mont black slate also a premium product it has a smooth fine rubbed surface very contemporary look with a dark grey to black colour perfect for any project.

Our Cleft natural riven slate a consistent natural surface that’s hard wearing very forgiving ideal for any home.

We offer a slate option for every budget if you would like more information on each product then please see about our slateStandard size hearths can be found on our slate hearth page you can purchase online at a discounted rate. To find out how much your new slate hearth will cost, please fill in the below form with all the required sizes allowing 5mm around the back three edges for expansion and fitting.

If you would like to discuss your project then please contact our sales office on 01766 514700

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Specifications & Options

Tee Shaped Slate Hearth

Mont Black Smooth Slate Hearth

Mont black slate has a more anthracite color than black a premium imported product that's built a reputation and is considered a very good alternative to our Welsh slate.

Riven slate hearths

Cleft Riven Natural Slate Hearth

Cleft slate has a split face finish its texture is consistent and uniformed color does vary from dark grey to black very popular with HETAS engineers for its quality and cost


Welsh Fine Rubbed Slate Hearth

Welsh slate has long been the bench mark of the slate industry. Popular for its beauty, quality and durability.

Useful Information

Fixing Guidelines

Slate hearths should all ways be fixed on a full bed of mortar or flexible tiles adhesive with no honeycombs or voids, slate is as strong as what's underneath, and if you have any gaps, then this will create a week point.

On the back three edges we advise to reduce the slate hearth by 5mm this will allow the slate to expand, breath and will help with fixing a flexible grout (anthracite) can then be used to fill in the gap between the wall and the newly installed hearth.

Sealing is important after installation we advise that our slate is sealed with Fila products to prevent the slate from staining.

Open fires generate a lot of heat we do not advise fitting single piece slate hearths with this type of fire we do however recommend a sectioned slate hearth cut with an expansion joint in between each piece to allow it expand with the heat.

Slate Hearth