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How To

To protect your Slate products from staining and to keep them looking like new, we recommend applying a sealer. There are many traditional ways of treating Slate, while some times the old ways are the best, its not the case with sealing Slate and Natural Stone. We have tried and tested many sealers on the market over the years and have found Fila Stone Plus works perfectly with all of our products including Welsh Slate, Imported Slate, Coping, Hearths, Sills, Paving, Tiles and Worktops.


As Slate is a lot less porous than other type of Stone, it is important not to apply too much sealer to the Slate. By following these steps your slate will be protected and look as good as new for years to come.

  • The Slate must be clean before applying the sealer or you will seal any dirt and marks on to the Slate. Use clean warm water without detergent as some can react with the sealer.
  • Make sure that the Slate is perfectly clean and dry before applying the sealant or this will cause streaks.
  • Use a lint free cotton cloth (an old T shirt works best) apply a little of the sealer on to the cloth. Rub onto the surface of the Slate in small circles. Repeat until the whole surface is covered.
  • Once you have covered the surface rub off any excess straight away with a clean cloth and allow to dry naturally.
  • When the sealer has dried its now time to fit the Slate and enjoy for many years to come.
  • If the Slate remains tacky 24 hours after sealing you have applied too much-don't panic! Please call our Technical Team 01766 514 700 and they will advise you on what to do next.