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We understand that we have many options in our product range on this page you can find helpful and informative information to help you decide on the product that best suits your project. If you need to discuss then please don't hesitate to contact us we are here to help.

Welsh Slate

Welsh slate is available in two surface options from a natural split finish called riven to a fine rubbed smooth finish.

Welsh riven slate will be very uneven we hand split the surface to create the traditional looking slate all of the edges are cut square and finished off with a beveled edge. Other options are available on request.

Welsh fine rubbed slate will have a even flat surface very consistent with a mat finish (not gloss!) we precision machine the slate to a high standard revealing a the natural vein that runs through the surface.

Note that riven Welsh slate can be difficult to produce in large sizes with a longer lead time for production if you would like to receive a quotation on this product please contact our sale office for further information.


Cleft Riven Slate

Our cleft riven slate has a very consistent natural surface its very unusual that a natural surface has such a uniformed feel its texture has a slight ripple like the skin of an orange but the slate is black and flat.

Cleft is a term that describes the surface of the slate. Slate is made of strata layers it can be easily split by hand to create a natural surface with a mixed results for example the cleft riven has a more even finish after its been split with the Welsh slate in large sizes can be riven this means the surface is very textured and uneven.

We have selected our Cleft slate to offer a more consistent colour but it still will be natural and have the occasional natural imperfections.

Brazilian Pure Black Slate Hearths

Mont Black

Available only in a fine rubbed option our Mont black material has a machined finish very flat and consistent it has a contemporary look very uniformed.

Precision made we manufacture large slate products in a good choice of thickness a premium product imported for its quality and durability.