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Adhesive, grout, sealant and cleaners

Grout 3000

Flexable and highly flexable fast setting wall and floor grout

Tilemaster Grout 3000 is a premium, highly versatile, flexible, efflorescence  free, fast setting wall and floor grout. Specially formulated using hybrid  thickening systems and polarised fillers and additives alongside carefully  selected cements and additives, to produce a smooth and controlled  workability with superior ease of mixing and application properties. Tilemaster  Grout 3000's flexibility makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications,  including for use on surfaces subject to limited movement and/or vibration  such as plywood overlay and underfloor heating systems. Tilemaster Grout  3000 is suitable for grouting joints in wall and floor tiles between 1mm -  20mm wide. Tilemaster Grout 3000 has a very low water permeability making  it ideal for areas subject to prolonged or permanent wet conditions such as wet  rooms and swimming pools. Tilemaster Grout 3000 can be used internally and  externally and it is unaffected by frost after setting.

When mixed with Tilemaster Flexmaster Additive, the flexural properties of  Tilemaster Grout 3000 are enhanced, making it suitable for a wider range of  substrates, such as T & G floorboards, steel and fibreglass.

Pack Sizes

Pure White, Jasmine, Beige, Limestone, Sandstone, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Charcoal, Almond, Natural Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Aspen, Gravel, Cedar, Pecan, Hazelnut, Oak

Rapid Setaflex

Flexable rapid setting floor and wall tile adhesive

Rapid Setaflex is a polymer modified, flexible rapid setting cement based floor and wall tile adhesive with increased adhesion and non-slip properties. Rapid Setaflex has been specially formulated for fixing a large variety of tiles including ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles to substrates subject to limited movement and/or vibration such as plywood overlay and underfloor heating systems as well as for fixing to solid substrates such as concrete and sand/cement screed. Its rapid setting capability allows for light foot traffic and grouting after 3 hours. Rapid Setaflex is ideal for areas subject to prolonged or permanent wet conditions such as swimming pools and wet rooms. Rapid Setaflex can be used internally and externally and it is unaffected by frost after setting.


20kg will cover 5 - 6m² at 3mm thin bed application

Pack Sizes
5kg, 10kg, 20kg

Grey, White


  • Heavy Footfall
  • Wet Access
  • UFH
  • Walls
  • Bathrooms
  • Indoor
  • Floors

Ottoseal S70 Silicone

Joint Sealant

We recommend using Ottoseal for joints in our slate Coping, Hearths and Window sills.The Matt Anthracite color is a perfect match to our slate and gives a professional finish to any project

Ottoseal S 70 highly notch resistant, there is no migratory staining as with some products on the market. It is suitable for applications in constantly wet conditions, e.g bathrooms and swimming pools.

Ottoseal S70

Fila Deterdex Acid Detergent

Deterdex is a strong acid cleaner for cleaning your newly installed floor, post sealing. Removes all grout residues and building-site dirt. All in one detergent and descaler that also removes rust stains.


• Removes all grout residues and building-site dirt.
• Eliminates any saline efflorescences from terracotta.
• Removes lime deposits from floors, wall tiles (showers), and bathroom fixtures
• Penetrating cleaner for outdoor paving.
• All-in-one descaler and detergent: contains high concentrations of surfactants
• Removes rust stains.


Terracotta 1:5. 10/20 m2 Porcelain tiles 1:5. 40 m2 Natural stone 1:5-1:10 20/35 m2

Fila Deterdek 1 Litre 500X500 1

Fila W68 Clear Sealer

Fila W68 seals and protects porous material as rough-finish natural stone and cement. It does not alter the appearance and drastically reduces absorption. Suitable for internal and external.


• Seals and protects porous materials such as rough-finish natural stone, terracotta and cement from oily dirt.

 • Drastically reduces absorption of the surface without altering its appearance.

• Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.

• For use on interior floors as a protective base coat before the application of wax.


• Natural effect: does not alter the surface appearance

• Water-based: it is environmentally friendly and requires a shorter treatment time as it can be applied to surfaces still not completely dry.

• No film forming.

• Does not alter terracotta frost resistance - Tested by the Bologna Ceramic Center.

Fila W68 1 Litre 500X500

Fila Stone Plus Colour Enhancer & Stain Protector

Fila stone plus is a colour enhancer and stain protector in one. Protects and enhances stone and slate penetrates deep into the material to prevent stains from water and oily substances.


  • Protects and enhances the original colour of polished, honed, rough and tumbled natural stone.
  • Penetrates deeply into the material, protecting it from water and oily stains and dirt.
  • Ideal for windowsills, tops, rosettes, inset decorations.
  • Perfect for interior and exterior surfaces.


  • Polished stone 30/50 m2
  • Unpolished stone 15/25 m2.


  • Intensifies colour whatever the surface finish.
  • For interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Non-yellowing, UV resistant, provides long-lasting protection.
  • Very high coverage rates.
  • Eliminates weaknesses in granite.
  • No film forming.
  • Certified as suitable for use on food contact surfaces
Fila New